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We are SetupCargo

Operating since 1998, we are currently a leader in the planning, coordination, monitoring(environmetal noise pollution) and assistance to freight transport in Europe. However, first of all, we are a team that guarantees the success of your transport every day.
Cargo reservations for National and International routes.For over 20 years, the most effective solution for every transport and logistics need. Sea Ferries, Trains, Tunnels, Bridges for Heavy Vehicles Transport and Cargo Ticketing Service. Our company, small in size, but equipped with modern computer systems, allows us to significantly lower operating costs making us, at the same quality of service rendered, highly competitive compared to the competition.

Reservation Ferries, Trains and Tracks for Heavy Vehicles

Our cargo booking office, takes care of your requests, for the transport of goods by ferry and/or train on National and International routes, and provides feedback to your requests quickly.

Professionalism is our second name

Professionalism is a prerequisite of quality. Quality that allows us to be proud of our team and to be leaders, which motivates us to improve and look for new opportunities. The high standard of our services creates trust and solid relationships with our customers and partners.

Our partners

We are proud that our communication with customers and partners is based on trust and professional attitude. We express our gratitude by constantly working to improve our services

Let's talk

We are always open to communication, questions and coordination of common interests.

Some of the main routes can be booked

(Scandinavia, Baltic States, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, England, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Albania, Malta, Sicily, Corsica, Elba, Sardinia, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy)


TRAINS ( box equipment with tarpaulin / box with the possibility to board also P400 and P386 semi-trailer profiles):

Bari - Piacenza
Bari - Milano
Bari - Bologna
Bari - Padova
Piacenza - Marcianise
Piacenza - Pomezia
Piacenza - Zeebrugge (Italy - Belgium)
Piacenza - Rotterdam (Italy - Holland)
Milano - Rotterdam RSC (Italy - Holland)
Milano - Valenton(Paris) (Italy - France)


From your lorries and through full or partial charter carriers, to cargo planes
(B747-40 / 80F, B777F, MD11F), we provide you with planning, coordination and assistance for goods transport of any size and to any destination, even in critical
and / or urgent conditions.

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